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March 18, 2013

March 18th, 2013

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Come on people! It’s the day after St Patrick’s Day and you expect me to write a blog? I’ve just done three weeks of my new stand up show at the Adelaide Fringe and Brisbane Comedy Festival, and last night my relatives were in which made the wedding night sex routine a tad awkward.
As for football I’ll keep it brief. [I know I did this last week but Festival season is a killer and I’m the Virgin Australia lounge about to board a flight home, so time is of the essence.]
England – Tottenham Hotspur lost to Fulham, Schwarzer made some classic saves.
Scotland – Celtic came from 3-1 down to knock off Aberdeen 4-3. Especially good for St Paddy’s Day. Ooh Guinness burp, not good.
Australia – a comedian did a bunch of gigs then went out drinking with other comics. He promises he will write a better blog next week. Now please keep it down.

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