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January 14, 2013

January 14th, 2013

Two big blockbusters were played out in England overnight. In London champions Manchester City defeated Arsenal 2-0. It was a fiery affair, with two men being sent off. Edin Dzeko continued the trend of City players showing messages on their shirts when they score. ‘Za Moje Mahalce’ sent fans googling like crazy and apparently means ‘For the people in my neighbourhood’. Sadly the Bosnian striker didn’t score again so it’s unclear as to whether it was a tribute to his hometown or if he was just doing references to Sesame Street jingles.

Up at Old Trafford Manchester United beat old rivals Liverpool 2-1. Predictably Robin Van Persie scored the opener and even more predictably, Liverpool offered no real resistance or fight. This fixture has been quite controversial in recent years but this time it had nothing, no red cards, no fights, no racism. The match was so polite Danny Welbeck even decided to tackle himself – http://www.101greatgoals.com/gvideos/gif-danny-welbeck-falls-on-his-arse-v-liverpool/

Staying in England and Reading have been involved in a few epic matches this year, most notably cocking up a 4-0 lead against Arsenal, but finally they have won a dramatic match. Reading trailed West Brom 2-0 with eight minutes remaining and then somehow managed to win 3-2! Manager Brian McDermott claimed it was the ‘fantastic fans’ who ‘got us over the line in the last ten minutes’. McDermott seemed to have forgotten that the same fans booed him off the pitch at half time.

Sydney FC’s fans have been through a lot this season and yesterday the ones that braved the cold and rainy conditions were rewarded. The Sky Blues robbed Melbourne Heart, with two late goals. There was some debate on how many people were actually at the Allianz Stadium, with the media claiming about 13,000 but others saying there were far less. The one thing people can agree on is that the number would have been much smaller if Melbourne Heart’s away support hadn’t both shown up.

Real Madrid appear to have hit a new low with a 0-0 draw with bottom of the table team Osasuna. The Spanish media is already calling for Jose Mourinho to leave the club, with many newspapers hoping it happens this week so they can run the headline JOSE LEAVES OH-SO-SOONA!

Save of the week – what an effort

May 14, 2012

May 14th, 2012

By now you would have heard that Manchester City are the champions of England. What you may not have fully realised is how closely their victory followed the script of a Mighty Ducks film. They came into the final day needing only to defeat cellar dwellers Queens Park Rangers to secure their first League Championship in forty-four years. They so nearly cocked it up. When the ninety minutes of normal playing time was up, City were down 2-1. They didn’t look like scoring, then Edin Dzeko, who will be played by Pacey from Dawson’s Creek in the inevitable telemovie, headed it truly from a corner kick to give the Blue half of Manchester hope.
At this point, Manchester United had defeated Sunderland and if things remained as they were, the Red Devils would have stolen the title from right under City’s noses. Enter Sergio Aguero [to be played by John Leguiziamo or Michael Cera, budget pending] who scored a goal that will live on in Manchester City folklore forever. The City of Manchester Stadium erupted with scenes of such relief, joy and adulation, it brought a tear to this blogger’s eye. All it needed was Emilio Estevez to learn the true meaning of friendship and it would have been perfect.

At the other end of the table, Bolton Wanderers can claim they have been well and truly shafted. Their 2-2 draw with Stoke means they are relegated to the championship next season, however both Stoke goals were highly controversial. A high ball to Bolton keeper Adam Bogdan should have been an easy catch but Stoke striker Jon Walters absolutely shirtfronted the goalie who then dropped the ball into his own net. Bolton scored two great goals and had some hope but a penalty to Stoke was awarded. According to rumour, this penalty was very controversial, so controversial in fact, that this blogger could not find footage of it online. Can anyone help a hungover amateur football writer out?

Sydney FC are expected to unveil Englishman Ian Crook as their new head coach after being knocked back by Central Coast Mariners boss Graham Arnold and Crystal Palace’s Tony Popovic. The appointment comes as a relief to fans of the Sky Blues, as the next viable option was to have the player’s Mums and Dads take turns managing the club on a weekly basis.
Goal of the week: Forgive the horrid music, but admire the blatant audacity!

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