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September 9, 2013

9th September, 2013

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Now sure, playing Brazil in Brazil is the football equivalent of being a Greens Candidate in rural Queensland but our national football side were the only group thumped harder than the Labor party this weekend. Quite like our new federal opposition, the Socceroos defence seemed to stand for nothing, with Matt McKay letting Ramires do whatever he wanted for 90 minutes and Lucas Neill doing his best impression of Abraham Simpson whenever the ball was in the box. Do we sack Osieck? No. Do we pretend to be from another country? Given who our new Prime Minister is, I would say that’s a great idea.

Don’t, however, pretend to be Mexican! It looks like everybody’s favourite North American team [sorry Canada] will miss their first World Cup in 30 years. [Not counting 1990 when they were disqualified for fielding an ineligible player, some sort of very fast mouse, I believe]. The Mexican’s were defeated 2-1 by Honduras and now need a miracle to qualify for Brazil.

Ireland are also not going to Brazil. The Emerald Isle lost to Sweden on Saturday morning which all but ended their World Cup campaign. Luckily, this means that at least there will be some beer left for the Australians.

England on the other hand, look pretty certain to make their 5th World Cup in a row after thrashing Moldova 4-0. Australians wanting to pretend to be a different race could easily slip into the guise of a Limey, albeit with a better diet. However you will then have to embrace David Cameron, Coronation Street and One Direction.

Oh you don’t like One Direction? Good, then you shall like this. Celtic hosted a charity match for former star Stilian Petrov yesterday, with loads of old players playing against current stars and celebrities, including One Direction member Louis Tomlinson who was tackled so hard by Aston Villa’s Gabby Agbonlahor that he threw up. Here’s the footage, the camera misses it first time but wait for the replay:

NB – I would like it noted that this blogger has nothing against One Direction. They seem like quite self-aware young lads who are enjoying their fame. Justin Bieber, however, is a little shit.

Goal of the week – from a US amateur match

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